BabysatBabysat is the story of Jason, a college-age young man, earns money taking on a babysitting job looking after three younger boys. The oldest boy, Broderick, has come into possession of an age-altering talisman in the form of a pocketwatch, and decides he’d much rather be doing the babysitting tonight. Jason finds himself regressed by Broderick to toddlerhood, put in diapers, and kept completely under the control of the three boys he was hired to look after.

18+ ONLY: This 11,000-word story is an ageplay fantasy, exploring themes of physical age regression, infantilism, and diaper-related humiliation. While there is no explicitly sexual content, it is intended only for mature readers.  Download link: Amazon Kindle Store



“Hey, Jason,” Broderick said, “Check out this watch I got.” He handed it to Jason, who examined it quietly. Jason tended to treat Broderick with the respect of an equal, but Broderick intimidated him sometimes. The oldest boy was very outgoing and popular at his school, and for a junior highschooler that was a feat. “Watch what it does when you press that thing on top down!”

Jason good-naturedly complied.

Click. Suddenly the hands on the face of the watch were spinning very, very fast, and in the wrong direction. Jason blinked and watched, oblivious to what was happening to him as this was taking place. He squinted and his brow furrowed, and he looked up at the young adolescent standing over him with an expression of confusion on his face. Before he was able to get any words out, he shrank. Quickly.

In another moment Jason was in a tent of a t-shirt and sitting in bluejeans that enveloped his waist loosely, like a sleeping bag, that draped over the chair. Broderick casually retrieved his watch from the small child’s lap as Jason looked up in astonishment to ask, “What you do?” Jason could not believe the sound of his own voice, a piping little-boy mewl.

Broderick sat down, smiling affectionately at his baby babysitter. “That’s what this watch does, Jas’n. It can make somebody grow older or younger. And it just made you really little.” He put the watch back into his pocket, and folded his arms on the table as he spoke.

“Bu’ why me?” Jason asked, becoming more and more frantic. “Howcome? I wan’ be big!”

Broderick clucked his tongue paternally. “Aw, don’t be mad, Jason. I didn’t do it to be mean, I just don’t wanna be babysat anymore. So I get to babysit you now. I hope you know what this means. You better be good.” He raised one eyebrow as he said this, with a look that asked Jason if he was about to challenge this young man’s newfound authority.

Little Jason’s eyes widened. Less than an hour after he’d walked in the door the situation had gone completely out of his control. One moment he was dutifully carrying out his responsibilities to look after the boys and the next he was nothing more than a child, a toddler at best, and it looked as though he would be spending the rest of the night completely under Broderick’s control. His lower lip started to tremble as the magnitude of his situation started to dawn on him. “Wh- what.. what you gonna do wiss me?” he asked fearfully.

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