In the Sandbox

In the Sandbox

In the Sandbox is a story about a young archaeology student named Gabe, who is spending a semester in the Yucatan with his schoolmate and girlfriend Araceli, and soon discovers that there is something very weird about the dig site and their professor, Hank Olcott, a man with controversial ideas who is obsessively interested in uncovering the ancient secrets of a lost civilization called the Nacaal. That’s not all Dr. Olcott is interested in, though: Araceli soon catches his eye, and Gabe’s feelings of jealousy and inadequacy lead to anxious dreams of being a helpless child compared to his capable and intimidating adult professor.

One day, though, the troubled dreams become a reality – Gabe wakes up to discover that he’s still in the body of a helpless toddler, but he’s the only one at the Dig who seems to have any recollection that he was an adult the day before. As Gabe struggles to communicate his predicament to the adults around him, he’s helpless to stop Dr. Olcott from moving in on his former girlfriend.

18+ ONLY: This 19,000-word story is an ageplay fantasy exploring themes of physical age-regression, magical transformation, diapers, infantilism, cuckolding, and humiliation. Though there is no explicit sexual activity, it is intended for mature readers only. Get it on Amazon now.


Gabe was slowly becoming certain that something very strange was happening to him. Something that ran deeper than anxiety dreams or insecurities about his ability to do his duties as an intern, or a possibly-imagined rivalry with his professor for his girlfriend’s affection. But he had no idea how to address it, or investigate it, or even identify it. Maybe there was something to the Professor’s ideas about the ancient civilization they were studying.

So he tried everything he could think of to return to wakefulness. He pinched himself. He closed his eyes and squeezed them shut, as hard as he could, to will himself to wake up. He tried slapping himself, and wobbled, losing his balance, falling onto his bottom in the crib, causing the metal railings to clank and squeak with the impact.

And then Dr. Olcott’s bedroom door opened. The professor paced toward the crib, wearing a bathrobe tied closed about his waist. He opened his arms. “Good morning, Gabito! My little boy is awake, ah? Let’s see how you slept,” he said, leaning over the railing to heft the little boy out of the crib, settling him in one arm, patting his bottom and bouncing him a bit. The professor checked Gabe’s diaper with his free hand, two fingers sliding down the front of his diaper, down through the waistband. “Dry, that is my good boy. I think you want to wait until the girls can see you to be changed, hm?”

The whole situation was completely surreal. Gabe could smell the professor’s aftershave and the coarseness of his armhairs on his bare back. “Pr-. Pah. Pafessa?” he said. Despite being aware of what was happening in the dream, and completely in command of his adult thoughts, he still could only seem to speak at a toddler’s level.

Dr. Olcott smiled warmly down at him, and shook his head. “Ah-ah, Gabito. Who am I?” he asked.

Gabe knew how this was supposed to go, and he didn’t want to follow the dream’s script this time. “P’fessa Ohcot,” he said, brow furrowing.

The professor squeezed his bottom gently, causing his diaper to rustle, and Gabe to arch his back involuntarily, squirming in the older man’s arms. “Gabito, my little Gabito,” he said, resting his index finger on Gabe’s lips. Gabe had to resist the impulse he felt to suck on it, something else that apparently came with dreaming he was a toddler. Dr. Olcott looked him straight in the eye, fixing him with a look that made him shiver. “My name is Daddy. Say ‘Daddy.’”

This time, he felt himself unable to disobey. “Dah.. Daddy?”

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