Feeding Flare


Sometimes you need a little more work to keep your ranch hands busy, and that’s where the Feeding Flare becomes useful. Your foal or filly will get to learn a whole new kind of rodeo with this toy, no chaps or spurs necessary (though of course still welcome)! This is the biggest of Regression Club’s toys yet, intended only for the most adventurous of ponies.


Choose between a large spout for easy flow, or a small spout for a reduced flow that minimizes drips.

Choose whether to add a bottle to your order, and select the color.

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The Feeding Flare is designed to fit any standard bottle, and an improved gasket design ensures that the toy is easy to screw down onto your bottle without sacrificing stability. All of Regression Club’s toys are made with body-safe platinum-cure silicone that has been rated for food use, which means you can suck safely. But please note that this toy is intended for oral use only, and is not designed for any other style of penetrative play.

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Very Purple, Redwood Burl, Black, Dandelion