Thick and Thirsty


You have been very well-behaved, and you deserve a treat. But you’re really going to have to open wide and show how you’re ready for a meal this size. Orally-fixated enthusiasts will delight at the weight and girth of the Thick and Thirsty, and are sure to wear themselves out playing with this oral trainer long before the toy does. Doting dominants will find there’s few feelings more rewarding than the sight of the special person in their life looking at them adoringly, clutching their bottle, quiet and happy with their mouth occupied by the Thick and Thirsty.


Choose whether to add a bottle to your order, and select the color.

Choose between a large spout for easy flow, or a small spout for a reduced flow that won’t drip when placed on its side.

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The Thick and Thirsty is designed to fit any standard bottle, and an improved gasket design ensures that the toy is easy to screw down onto your bottle without sacrificing stability. All of Regression Club’s toys are made with body-safe platinum-cure silicone that has been rated for food use, which means you can suck safely. But please note that this toy is intended for oral use only, and is not designed for any other style of penetrative play.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2.5 in

Translucent, Coral, Sky Blue, Black, Hazelnut, Peaches and Cream, Steel Violet, Pearl and Gold, Sapphire Blue, Blue Tip Fade, Pearlescent